Renowned film critic Roger Ebert proclaimed: “on the basis of his work as the brother, Nickolai Stoilov has a future as a Bond villain. He is never less than convincing” and the Chicago Sun Times states: “gifted Stoilov has a searing screen presence.” The handsome actor won the 2005 ‘Best Actor’ TIMMY Award (Best Outstanding Talent of the Year) in New York.

Possessing an innate sense for his craft, classically trained European actor Nickolai Stoilov has successfully used his remarkable talent, irresistible charm and passion for his roles, to create a commanding screen presence. He has the smoldering good looks of Antonio Banderas and effortlessly speaks five languages: English, Russian, French, Bulgarian and Croatian. He became an American citizen in May 2007.

Stoilov, a native Bulgarian who has lived in Los Angeles for years, learned Croatian for his starring role in the acclaimed motion picture LANA’S RAIN. The film premiered at the Chicago Film Festival and received wonderful reviews at the Milan International Film Festival in November 2003.

Nickolai describes his character Darko as “a rich and infamous criminal mobster from the war torn Balkans, who is a street-smart gangster with enemies’ intent on revenge. He and his sister Lana escape to Chicago, and Darko forces her into prostitution to survive.” This powerful, hard-edged crime drama explores the dark side of the American immigrant experience and shattered illusions.

Stoilov also enjoyed playing the role of Lucius Aquarius, the main engineer of Pompeii in the upcoming motion picture, POMPEII, YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW. “My character predicted the famous eruption of the Vesuvius volcano, and desperately tries to save the residents before it is too late,” states the multi-faceted actor.

Nickolai recently completed filming EL PADRINO 2. He stars as “Moustache” a charming, hot-blooded gangster who flees Argentina and gets involved with the Mexican Mafia. Stoilov’s character rescues his severely wounded mob Godfather, transports him to Mexico and they and partner “Tattoo” get involved in the world of drugs and human trafficking. They are wanted dead or alive, by a rival Mexican gang and the U.S. Government.

His other film credits include: THE ASSASSINATION GAME (USA), DAN KOLOFF, VAMPIRES AND GOBLINS, THE BOYS FROM THE SCHOOL FENCE (Italy) and THE OCTUPUS (Italy). LANA’S RAIN marks Nickolai’s debut in the starring role in an American film.

Stoilov has also played an array of roles in Theater and Television. He co-starred in such celebrated plays as: THE RESURRECTION; THE BLOOD KNOT; HAMLET; OTHELLO; A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM; THE COLLECTION; CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF and Dostoyevsky’s IDIOT. His television credits include NCIS: LOS ANGELES, the TV drama series rated number one three years in a row; ALIAS; VIP; SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH; GENERAL HOSPITAL; HELMET HEADS and BRIMSTONE.

Nickolai has also been in several of the top world best seller video games such as CALL OF DUTY 6, 7, and 8; LAFAYETTE; MAG; SOCOM; MEDAL OF HONOR; FIFTY CENT 2.

His eclectic list of role models includes: Charlie Chaplin, Laurence Olivier, Anthony Hopkins, Clint Eastwood, Shakespeare and Beethoven.

His artistic passion includes screenwriting and his first original screenplay, BOMBS, LINGERIE and OMEGA WATCHES is a personal drama set during the Spanish Civil War (1936-37). He describes his work as “a smoldering love triangle that questions traditional views of heroism and the place of the individual in political history. I believe that this topic is as relevant in today’s world as it was 70 years ago.” Nickolai recently finished his second screenplay, A PhD HORROR STORY telling about the hardships of finding realization among the intellectual circles, a drama so real, that calls out for parody.

Nickolai Stoilov grew up in Bulgaria, when cultural exchanges between the East and West were very difficult. The latest Hollywood films and TV programs were not easily accessible. As a young boy, Stoilov saw the BBC TV production of OTHELLO starring Anthony Hopkins and Bob Hoskins, and his life was changed forever. He wanted to pursue his dream of acting.

At the age of 10, he was selected among several thousand boys nationwide, to star in a Bulgarian film highlighting the work of the creators of the Cyrillic and Bulgarian alphabet. He played “Naum” one of the prominent philosophers who created the Bulgarian alphabet as a young boy genius.

Stoilov states that “When I was selected to play ‘Naum’ I was taught by a stuntman how to ride horses. I continued learning tricks and additional stunts because my dream was to act in a Hollywood western.”

Nickolai graduated with the highest honors from the English Language School in Bulgaria. He successfully competed against 5 thousand candidates for one of 10 openings at the prestigious Bulgarian National Academy for Theater and Film Arts in Sofia. He completed the four-year program in just three years, receiving his MA degree.

In addition, all young men in Bulgaria are required to spend two years in the Army. Nickolai served as a parachutist in the Blue Berets – the U.S. equivalent of the Green Berets.

Stoilov studied Shakespeare in Britain, and became the first non-native English actor to be accepted into England’s Guildford School of Acting, the top Drama Academy in Britain.

He still had dreams of crossing the Atlantic to audition for films and Television projects in Hollywood. The young actor was invited to attend the British Drama Academy at Stanford University in California. The classes were taught by Oscar and Tony Award Winning thespians.

Nickolai continued his theatrical education in New York and finally settled in Los Angeles where he completed his degree at UCLA. His acting mentors have included: Derek Jacobi, Jose Quintero, Charles Durning, Fiona Shaw, Ed Asner, David Ogden Stiers, Harry Mastrogeorge, etc.

The play, “The Ph.D. Horror Story”, which Nickolai wrote together with his writing partner was recently published by the European publishing house, Gea Libris.

Nickolai Stoilov is an accomplished skier and competitor. He is a repeated U.S. National champion for masters, a winner of the Cup in the Nastar National Finals in 2007 in Steamboat, Colorado and recently won again the Gold Medal at the National Ski Final Championship in Colorado. His winner spirit has brought him a number of medals in European races as well. Nickolai won First Place and the Cup for the Overall Standings in the Far West Masters Alpine Ski Devision for two seasons in a row, 2009–10 and 2010-11.

Nickolai also enjoys basketball, swimming, fencing, riding horses and playing the piano and accordion.

He currently lives in Los Angeles and enjoys collecting paintings, drawings and sculpture.

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